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1. Beginners Kid's Camp - Instructor: Shawn Schouten

Girls and boys, we are so excited to teach a beginners kids camp class at Quilt Walk! In this class we will be be making: a scrunchie (for boys, instead of a scrunchie, they will be making a mystery project) colored pencil roll-up and a bag to put it all in.

13. Pineapple Technique - Instructor: Karen Wittmeyer

Learn to use the BlocLoc ruler to make Pineapple blocks.

2. Intermediate Kid's Camp - - Instructor: Ashley Smith

Pull out your swimsuits and let's head to the pool! These three cute projects are the perfect essentials you need for being out in that hot sun by the pool. We will be making a beach bag towel tote, sunglasses case and a water bottle holder. This is a great class if you have some sewing experience.

Jun 10
67. Oops a Daisy! - Instructor: Pam Wing
Jun 10
3. Nestled Stars - Instructor: Deonn Stott
Jun 10
4. Roll-Up Sewing Case - Instructor: Kalynn Fail